Atlanta Zambian Women With Influence

We are an organization focused on empowering the women and children of Zambia.

To this end, we provide support for various programs and solutions that contribute to that end goal. We operate in Atlanta, Georgia and rely on the generous donations of people from all around the world. With your support, we can make a difference in the lives of women and children in Zambia.

You can join us in community events, fundraisers, and other events as we partner with other local and national organizations. Your support helps us provide and improve education, health, and socio-economics for underserved communities in Zambia.

Thank you!

Our Team

We are proudly led and supported by the following strong, dedicated women here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Anna Katema Banda

Founder & Chair

Ms. Prisca Zulu

Co-founder & Vice Chair

Ms. Navisimo Chifunda Kambafwile


Ms. Eleanor Sales

Donor Liason

Dr. Maria Punabantu Malimba


Ms. Chola Sims

Board Member

Ms. Chibangu Greene

Board Member

Dr. Phindile Chowa

Board Member

Ms. Mutale Kapinda

Board Member

Ms. Tina Mwale Siagonya

Board Member

Ms. Bupe Mwenechanya

Zambia Program Coordinator

Ms. Chungu Chewe

Board Member